Railing (Balustrade)

We cater to a broad range of commercial and residential customers. We offer a large selection of design, material and combination that will satisfy your needs.
Spindle Factory offers a wide range of interior and exterior railing products.


Railing Material

Interior Railing:

 All Wood

From a traditional turned style Baluster and Newel to a more modern straight lined look we have many selections to accommodate your taste.
Wood & Steel / Stainless Steel Spindles
This combination gives the warmth of the wood rail and post mingling with the coolness of the steel and Stainless Steel spindle. Traditional meets Modern if you wish...
Wood & Glass Panels
This style offers clarity along with reliability. We offer 6mm and up in tempered glass for most applications with wood handrails and shoes.
Stainless Steel & Glass Panels
From residential to commercial, this style is sure to enhance your project with a contemporary design that is professionally designed and installed.

Exterior Railing:

Steel & Glass Panel
This system is custom made for you with metal frame that is powder coated to your choice of color .
All Steel
Definitely bringing you up to date. You have the option with our selections to be bold & modern or a little more on the classy traditional side. Interior and exterior applications. More flexible, more choice with steel railing vs. Aluminium.
All Aluminium
We offer an exterior picket style, cost effective way to dress up your exterior railings on your front step or around your deck. The Welded picket system is by far the most durable for years of use.
Topless System Railings
The way this system is built allows the balustrade to follow the curve and shape of any deck. There are no top or bottom rails to obstruct your view. All posts are powder coated to your choice of color from our color chart. It virtually gives you a "Million Dollar View".

Pros and Cons of Aluminium vs Steel in short :

Steel will rust in wet or humid environment, no matter what the application. A small scratch will trigger the reaction between Iron and Oxygen , causing the rust to show and grow. Aluminium also oxidises, but this reaction is not visible like steel.

The choice and selection of steel product is large and can be customized, Aluminium is limited in choice and selection.


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