Wood Species

Wood Species

​​Be sure to ask about the type of wood, the grade selection and characteristics to make an educated purchase for your stair and railing.

We only carry S&B (Select and Better ) grade A raw lumber. Even with such high standard, there are still knot holes, color variation, etc. it is Wood.

Not all wood species are “railing friendly” due to their lack of coming in longer lengths. If longer lengths are required in a short wood species, such as Birch, scarfing the pieces is a standard.

At the Spindle Factory we offer a “no gimmick” wood selection. If we quote you in “Qtr Sawn White Oak” , then you would be getting exactly that.

We would be more than happy to do the “research” with you and select a suitable product for your project.

Don’t forget to have the wood protected and stained by a professional.


The main stock are White Maple and Red Oak. 

Other popular wood Species:

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